Totalcontent’s new identity features a “cornucopia of quotation marks”


Tractable Studio has designed the copywriting company’s new branding, which incorporates reproduce marks in a mixture of classic and contemporary typefaces.

Founded in 1993 by previous Design Week columnist Jim Davies, Totalcontent works on copywriting lobs for a wide variety of design consultancies, media companies and big brands. Its patron list ranges from the Design Council and Brand Union to Unilever and Noblewoman Mail.

Following Supple Studio’s redesign of Totalcontent’s website in 2014, the Bath-based consultancy was commissioned to fashion a new identity for the copywriter.

The new branding takes inspiration from the company’s prior to identity designed by NB Studio in 2007, and retains fluoro orange as its outstanding colour as a nod to Davies’ Dutch roots.

“More singular idea”

While the old trade marking saw an abstract pattern of letterforms based around wood block quintessence, the new design incorporates a “cornucopia of quotation marks” that suggest a colloquy between words and design, says Supple Studio founder Jamie Ellul.

“We think the world ofed what NB Studio had done all those years ago and wanted to keep the having said that approach, but ring the changes by using quote marks as a more strange idea,” Ellul adds.

The studio used a combination of classic typefaces such as Caslon, Bodoni, Garamond and Helvetica, along with some assorted modern ones. Ellul says: “We wanted to get all the classic types in there to connection design history but mix in some more contemporary faces to reflect the dissimilarity of projects Totalcontent works on.”

Totalcontent’s new identity has now rolled out across all touchpoints.

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