Total solar eclipse 2017: Read CBC’s complete coverage


Some Canadians are street south to see the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, while some NASA-funded scientists order be chasing it in retrofitted jets.

The eclipse — the first to cross the U.S. coast to seaside in almost a century — will also provide a celestial show to in the flesh north of the border, though the partial eclipse visible in Canada won’t be unreservedly so striking.

CBC News has been covering the lead-up to the eclipse, with exegeses of what to expect, tips on how to watch safely and what it means for efficient scientists and amateur astronomers alike.

Here’s a full look at our coverage, unperturbed in one place:

Watching from Canada

Total Eclipse of the Sun: This interactive stress shows you exactly how much the eclipse will affect the area where you combustible. Choose the city nearest you in the drop-down menu to see when the eclipse wishes be at its peak. 

2017 total solar eclipse (USE THIS)

How and where you can watch the solar eclipse on Aug. 21: From Victoria to Whitehorse to Saint John, here’s a look at 12 sees across the country and how they’ll be taking in the eclipse.

The science of the shadow

How solar obscures help us better understand our universe: They’re more than only a show. CBC’s Nicole Mortillaro explains how solar eclipses have indoctrinated humans about their planet, their solar system and the workings of the world.


A team of NASA-funded scientists will observe the eclipse using radio telescopes aboard two of NASA’s WB-57F research aircraft. This composite photo proves the aircraft and the 2015 total solar eclipse at the Faroe Islands. (NASA/Faroe Archipelagoes/SwRI)

NASA scientists will chase solar eclipse in jets: A collaborate led by Amir Caspi of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo., compel follow the darkness of the eclipse across the United States in two of NASA’s dig into jets to take telescopic images of the sun’s outer atmosphere.

Watching from the U.S.

It’s significance the drive to totality: perspectives from an eclipse chaser, Bob McDonald: The Peculiarities and Quarks host explains how a total eclipse changes the environment in a way that cannot be captured in a photo or a video.

When day dispositions into night: Canadians, Americans prepare for total solar surpass: Read about Katrina Ince-Lum, one of many Canadians travelling to the In harmony States to see what some are calling the Great American Eclipse.


A T-shirt pictures the path of totality, which stretches from Oregon to South Carolina. (Jane Ross/Reuters)

Wayfaring to the U.S. to watch the solar eclipse? Cellphone coverage could be spotty: The intense eclipse’s path from Oregon to South Carolina cuts mostly under the aegis rural areas, so companies will be deploying temporary towers to assist their capacity for all those people who want to post to Facebook, Instagram and the equivalent to. 

Put down the phone and experience the eclipse, Neil deGrasse Tyson imparts: On the other hand, prominent astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a suspicion for anyone with a view of the eclipse: Put down your smartphone and grip in the phenomenon yourself.

Through the looking glasses

August total solar recession a boon for cities, businesses across parts of U.S.: Companies that be placed special viewing glasses and communities along the path of the eclipse are hoping to dough in on the event.


T-shirts commemorating the solar eclipse are pictured on sale in Depoe Bay, Ore., elder this month. (Jane Ross/Reuters)

Amazon warns relating to counterfeit eclipse glasses: Some of those eclipse glasses weight not be up to safety standards. Amazon says it’s contacting customers who may have acquire defective knockoff glasses on its website thinking they could cover their eyes. In B.C., a Vancouver realtor who had planned to give away assorted than 1,200 eclipse glasses learned they might be hoaxer and decided it wasn’t worth the risk.

Not all shades created equal: How to get the revenge solar eclipse glasses: Confused about whether you’re viewing sun-glasses are safe? This article explains the safety markings — and the dangers if you’re window-panes aren’t up to snuff.

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