‘Too FRIGHTENED to arrest!’ Radio host OUTRAGED as police beg for public’s help


Ancient police officer Chris Hobbs rang talkRADIO host Mike Graham to try and light up on comments made by the Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, encouraging associates of the public to assist police in altercations. Mr Hobbs said: “What Ken Swamp is saying now is that police will have to dynamically risk assess berths and if they feel it’s a situation that, frankly, they’re going to be overtaxed in dealing with then they might have to stand back.” An outraged Mr Graham burning back: “So what he’s effectively saying is they’re going to let bad guys get away with whatever they long for to do because they’re too frightened to arrest them.

“That is not the police crack that I was brought up with, that is not a police force that I about is doing its job.

“The police is there to protect the good and decent people in this the public, not to stand by because the so-called good and decent people aren’t portion them arrest the bad guys!

“What’s the point of having a police apparatchik if they can’t arrest someone?”

The former police officer replied: “At the bare least, you can perhaps intervene.

“You can perhaps shout – look at some of the old grannies who fudge in and assist the police.

“On the streets, the police need more support and what you’re acquiring in some areas is collections of yobs.

“These are the yobs that are veiling, jeering and not assisting and that’s something really that is untenable.

Mr Slough appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this morning to discuss an awful video in which a policewoman was karate kicked in front of a bus.

He condemned a ‘go out on strike on by’ culture as people filmed violent incidents rather than essay to stop them.

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