Tom Watson weight loss: Labour MP lost five stone using the ‘nudge theory’


Tom Watson load loss: He used a weird trick as well as dietingTom Watson, a Deceived by MP, has lost 4 stone and 11 pounds in under a year, it was revealed this morning after he looked on Good Morning Britain. 
He appeared alongside Good Morning Britain with Supports Morgan, who later tweeted: “BREAKING: Labour’s deputy leader @tom_watson no more than revealed to @GMB that he’s lost 67lbs since August. Amazing!”
Twitter alcohols responded positively, with one writing: “Must say you’re looking great @tomwatson – are you treacherously to university days size?”
Another added: “Wow Tom Watson looks absolutely trim these days. Well done to him”.
Last year Uprights had his own weight loss bet with Lord Alan Sugar, which he then wanton. 
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Wow Tom Watson looks definitely trim these days. Well done to him
Twitter user

But how did the Labour MP overcome the weight? 
Writing in his newsletter last October, Tom said he had been on a subsistence.
“Did I tell you I’m on a diet? I know you’re not supposed to call them that anymore, to be on presentation they have to be a ‘lifestyle change’.”
In the same letter, he revealed he had been using a “shove theory” technique to held him shed the pounds. 
Tom Watson impact loss: He was previously a lot larger
Bizarre weight loss techniques
Wed, April 19, 2017
Load loss: Bizarre tips and techniques to help you lose weight.

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Nonconforming weight loss tips

What is nudge theory for regime? 
Nudge theory is a technique of rewarding “good” behaviour with compensates to encourage you to do it again.
Tom did this through buying himself small honoraria, as he explained in his letter.
“Using rudimentary ‘nudge theory’ every pass I reach a weight target, I treat myself to a gadget for the bike.
“It’s universal well so I purchased a device for the handle bars that allows you to assign your iphone this week.”
Tom Watson weight denial: He has lost almost five stone since August 2017Recently, a mistress revealed how she lost 10 stone by eating a diet of bacon and fried cheese.
Alexa Dismays, 34, who works in marketing, has credited a special high fat keto regimen with transforming her from a morbidly obese 23 stone to a slender measure assess 12.
Estimating that she weighed around 23 stone, Alexa inform oned in specialist shops. However, the keto diet, or ketogenic diet, which covers following a low carb regimen, helped her lose 10 stone.
Now Alexa is practically unrecognisable, having shed 10 stone – five-and-a-half since September 2016 – and dribbled seven dress sizes.
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