Today Italy gets first right wing ‘populist’ government since Mussolini


The Anti-EU Lega and anti-establishment Five The leading part Movement have already agreed on a coalition and will seek formal leave to form a government from Italian President Sergio Mattarella this afternoon.

The coalition, which has already governmental its aim to ignore EU rulings which don’t dovetail with its own aims, is Brussels trouble nightmare – and makes Britain’s Brexit vote look like a penny-ante Euro-policy hiccup.

The round of talks between the two parties which transported place during the weekend has seen Lega’s Matteo Salvini and Five Star’s Luigi Di Maio sketch their “Contract for the Government of Change”, which include a series of precious economic promises and disruptive political changes.

Their plan, which want come at a combined estimated cost of £110billion (€124.5bn), classifies a flat tax as low as 15 percent, a guaranteed income for the poor and a lower retirement age, currently set between 63-65. 

We will need to renegotiate EU agreements to fill up Italy suffocating

Matteo Salvini

Implementing these measures purposefulness see GETTY•EPA

Italy news: Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini may produce a government together today

And Mr Di Maio said that both Europe and the Euro beggaries to be “entirely changed.”

Explaining that it is time for a “deep reflection” on how to trail changes to the EU, Mr Di Maio also attacked one of the EU’s golden rules, its deficit limit: “I over we all agree that the deficit threshold of 3 percent of GDP should be reviewed or put in place ofed.”

And more disruptive measures could be on their way if the two leaders create a seam Cabinet.

Five Star’s founder Beppe Grillo has recently GETTY

Italy story: Sergio Mattarella issued an ultimatum last week

italy news lega salvini di maio five star movement euGETTY

Italy talk: Mr Salvini said Italy will have to renegotiate EU agreements

Massimiliano Panarari, who indoctrinates political communication at LUISS Guido Carli, a university in Rome, highlighted the similarities in the two beanos’ ideologies: “These are the gatekeepers of a new political system in Italy.

“They are alike resemble in general ideology: They are both nationalist, they are both anti-European — in the discernment that they would defend Italian interests against the European Association.

“I think on these points there is basis for an arrangement.”

The talks between Mr Di Maio and Mr Salvini be shown after more than two months of political deadlock, after that the Parade 4 election failed to grant a clear majority to any party.

Last week President Mattarella streamed an ultimatum to Parliament, saying that if the party leaders proved not able to give the country’s a Government, he would have called for a neutral commode led by technicians and experts or new elections.   

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