Tiny Cairn Terrier on course to conquer all Scotland’s 282 Munros


Oran, a Cairn TerrierCASCADE

Oran, a Cairn Terrier, is on orbit to bag all Scotland’s 282 Munros

Plucky pooch Oran has already prevail overed 39 of the peaks over 3,000 feet, often in sub-zero temperatures.

Oran’s holder Chris Nelson, 30, is planning to scale every Munro to bring up money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Mr Nelson’s girlfriend, Kirsty Boyish, has CF and he aims to raise £10,000 by completing all Munros in three years.

He said the terrier is not faint-hearted to tackle Scotland’s peaks, even in the worst weather. 

He fears nothing and scrambles up steep ledges that thinks fitting defeat most dogs three times his size

Chris Nelson

Mr Nelson stipulate: “If Oran gets lost in the snow, he just tunnels his way back to me and sponsors by my legs. 

“Sometimes he pokes his nose out of the snow to be lifted.

“He fears nothing and scrummages up steep ledges that would defeat most CASCADE

Oran’s proprietress Chris Nelson is planning to scale every Munro

The courageous pup was named after Òran Mór, the Glasgow pub where the one met.

PE teacher Mr Nelson, and Ms Young, 28, a music teacher from Kilsyth, Lanarkshire, persevere b manage the cystic fibrosis gene.

Only Ms Young has the debilitating breathlessness the bug brings to sufferers and she takes lifesaving drugs daily. The couple are now undergoing medical tests for embryo selecting to have an unaffected baby.

Mr Nelson said: “We are just like any other nave couple and want to live our lives normally. Hopefully, fertility scientists can sympathize with an unaffected embryo and allow us the chance to be parents.”

Feisty Oran is now in escorting for abseiling Scotland’s trickiest peak, The Inaccessible Pinnacle on Skye, and force be fitted with a custom-made harness for the attempt.


The aim is to raise capital for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Mr Nelson added: “Even humans basic to abseil those peaks, so Oran will need a helping round of applause.

“The breed is hardy and known for tolerating cold weather. I guess that’s because of their genetic unite to Skye and the Highlands.

“However, he has a soft side, too, and slows down when he is out with Kirsty. We fool never known a dog to pick up so well on his surroundings.”

Ms Young, a member of the State Conservatoire of Scotland’s Les Sirènes choir, said: “My two great aims in spark of life are to be able to climb Munros and become a mum.

“But it will take a miracle deaden to make my lungs fit enough to scale those beautiful peaks and medical field to help us have a healthy baby.”

She added: “Singing has been well-known for my cystic fibrosis. It helps keep my lungs clear.”

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