Tim Hortons raises prices on some breakfast items following minimum wage dispute


Diversified Tim Hortons locations in select markets have “slightly” increased tolls for some breakfast menu items, the coffee shop giant has encouraged. 

It wouldn’t provide details on exact locations or menu items, or by how much pieces are going up. CBC News has heard reports that some breakfast sandwiches have on the agenda c trick gone up by 20 cents. 

The move follows news last week that — because franchise owners couldn’t womanizer prices — some cut employee benefits to offset the cost of Ontario’s nominal wage hike to $14 an hour from $11.60.

However, Tim Hortons answered the new price hikes aren’t connected to the minimum wage increase. 

“Thorough adjustments to menu prices are a normal part of the restaurant business,” said a spokesperson in an email to CBC Scandal. “Many factors are considered when determining the final price of each menu sacrifice and prices may vary by region.”

The chain previously elevate prices on some hot beverage and breakfast menu items in August, less than six months ago.

An hand at a location in the Greater Toronto Area told CBC News he noticed a expense increase this week of about 20 cents on some breakfast sandwiches.

He express when Tim Hortons raises prices, it typically applies to a large locality such as an entire province.

“Usually when prices go up, it’s not very metropolitan, it’s a large area,” he said. The employee asked to remain anonymous because he shudder ats repercussions from his employer. 

Tim Hortons Bagel B.E.L.T.

Art Jaszczyk posted on Facebook that his municipal Tim Hortons in Toronto raised the price of a bagel sandwich breakfast luncheon from $6.77 to $7. (Tim Hortons)

On Wednesday, customer Art Jaszczyk explained he visited a Tim Hortons in Markham, Ont., and noticed that his favourite menu article —a bagel sandwich breakfast meal — had gone up from $6.77 to $7 — an augmentation of 23 cents.

The next day, he encountered the same price hike at a Tim Hortons in Toronto.

“Twenty-three cents doesn’t in good condition like much, but I thought, hey, they’re moving fast,” said Jaszczyk.

He conjectures he’s happy to pay a bit more, as long as the money helps pay workers the minimum wage heighten without clawing back their benefits. 

“I was pissed off,” said Jaszczyk, when he accomplished that some Tim Hortons franchise owners were cutting wage-earner benefits such as paid breaks to offset Ontario’s wage multiply.

“We’ve got to make sure that they don’t start being penalized, you identify, rob Peter to pay Paul.”

‘Totally unrelated’ to wage increase

Last week, the Horrendous White North Franchisee Association (GWNFA), which represents some Tim Hortons franchise owners, defended owners cutting back worker benefits — a move that has generated public outrage. 

GWNFA shaped that with the wage increase, franchise owners face increased slavery costs, and head office won’t let them generate revenue in other opportunity, such as by raising prices.

“Many of our store owners are left no option but to implement cost-saving measures in order to survive,” GWNFA said in a communication.

Tim Hortons’ parent company, Restaurant Brands International, shot assist by blaming the recent uproar on a “rogue group” of franchise owners who “do not mirror the values of our brand.”

Despite the close timing, Tim Hortons says the most recent price hikes have nothing to do with the dispute with franchise owners.

GWNFA also downplayed the premium hikes. “These were merely slight menu board adjustments unconditionally unrelated to minimum wage increases,” said a spokesperson in an email to CBC Dope.

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