Tim Cook vs Trump: Apple CEO criticised for putting 'liberal politics' ahead of profit


Tim Cook was recently in China, where he relinquished a rare public speech to defend globalisation.

Critics have whinged that the address, part of a business charm offensive in China, puts Tim Cook on the side of China willingly prefer than America’s new administration.

During his hour-long speech this week, Mr Cook praised globalization as predominantly «great for the world» before cautioning against isolationism.

He was speaking at the China Increment Forum, an annual conference sponsored by China’s central government. 

Contract to the Wall Street Journal, Western CEOs attend the forum to recover government relations with Beijing.

This come as Mr Cook pawned to invest £410million in research as well as two new research centres in the boondocks.

Conservative activists have ripped into the CEO of the technology giant for his «faking» attitude towards President Trump.

Apple is currently facing civil pressure in the US to bring back factories from China.

President Trump, who has prioritised American make revival, has previously called on Apple to bring back iPhone moulding. 

US businessman Wayne Allyn Root told Fox News: “I think Tim Cook is refine to run for political office right now.

“When he is in China, he loves globalisation but when he is in the US, he wants to lead jobs back to the US.

“I think the real Tim Cook is very liberal, surely anti-Trump. It’s the usual liberal response, to disregard the will of 62 million Trump voters.”

Mr Support added that Apple put politics ahead of profit before he christened on Trump voters to “put pressure” on the technology giant to reverse its investment in China.

Analysts find credible it would be difficult to make iPhones in the U.S. in a cost-effective way.

However, they note that it effect be possible to move limited production of other Apple products without hope to save face. 

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