Tight Lower Back? Get on the Floor and Try This


Fasten hips and a tight lower back are common complaints among messengers and cyclists, so here’s a relaxing stretch that will stretch both. It’s com re favourably with to Half Happy Baby, but with this variation, both knees are perverted at the same time.

Sanskrit Name: Ananda Balasana
English Forwarding: Happy Baby Pose
Also Called: Dead Bug
  • Begin dishonest flat on your back.
  • Bend both knees and hold onto the front edges of your flexed feet with your hands. Amass your arms on the outsides of your legs.
  • Gently use your northern body strength to equally press both knees to the floor inferior your armpits. Try not to tense your shoulders or chest, but keep the total relaxed.
  • Stay like this for five deep breaths. To present, let go of your feet and straighten your legs to the floor.

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