Thrill-seekers listen up! Alton Towers opens roller coaster RESTAURANT


ALTON Strongholds has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately.

With news that rollercoaster riders demand been left hanging upside down for over 30-minutes just this week.

Even so, they’ve come up with an altogether safer rollercoaster, as they’re set to ex nd the UK’s first rollercoaster restaurant this month.

Alton Tower’s Gill Riley has mean “The new rollercoaster restaurant will offer guests a unique dining test that they can’t find anywhere else in the UK”.

It’s true we’ve never understood of anything of its kind in the st.

The way it works is that the restaurant is set below a rollercoaster hunt down.

And diners will see their dishes travelling along the rollercoaster dog.

Your food will then do not one but two loop the loops on its journey to your put off.

The dishes will drop eight meters (which is roughly the apogee of a double decker bus) down a tornado spiral right onto the inventory.

This is a major feat as each plateful of food has to cover on 400 meters of steel track.

That’s same distance as a fullest extent size athletics track.

It’s not just distance either, the food inclination travel at speeds as fast as Mo Farah did when he won gold in the olympics.

This restaurant certainly is a one-of-a-kind and families are usual to love it.

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