Three teenagers killed in high-speed horror crash


Ryan Barber and his girlfriend Trudi-Mae Kennell FACEBOOK/SWNS

Driver Ryan Barber and his girlfriend Trudi-Mae Kennell perished after a car smashed into a tree

Driver Ryan Barber, 19, his girlfriend Trudi-Mae Kennell, 18, and Commitment Louch, also 18, died at the scene.

Passenger Dan Wale, 18, was airlifted to health centre with neck, chest and abdominal injuries. 

They were itinerant back from a weekend trip to Snowdonia.

Grieving family and beaus moved swiftly yesterday to deny the teens were acting irresponsibly in the future the crash near their home town of Atherstone, Warwickshire.


Rider Will Louch also died at the scene

They were all nice people and they had never done anything wrong but that as a last resort seems to be the case in these tragedies.

Ethan Burgess

Ryan’s sister Lauren from Tamworth bid on Facebook: “Nobody was showing off! So please refrain from assuming stories and what you judge you know before you comment.

Our family are struggling as it is without ridiculous remarks.”

A friend Joe Heffernan wrote: “Have some respect, saying oh why do these people scenic route BMWs to show off…»

Others simply paid tribute.


The girls died after a high powered BMW careered off a country road and smashed into a tree

Ethan Burgess broke: “They were all lovely people and they had never done anything incorrect but that always seems to be the case in these tragedies.”

Ryan’s mum Tammi Garcia Sanchez put from her home in Spain. “My baby boy Ryan Barber passed away yesterday afternoon in a car accessary along with his beautiful girlfriend. I’m so sorry the people who are reading this that I haven’t let someone knowed. My heart is broken and I’m not sure how life will carry on.”

Trudi-Mae KennellFACEBOOK

The juveniles were travelling back from a weekend trip to Snowdonia

Dan Wale’s aunt, who did not longing to be named, said: “What has happened is absolutely awful.”

Police imagined last night they had arrested and bailed an 18-year-old woman from another channel on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. 

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