Thousands take to streets in anti-Brexit London march


Tens of thousands of people abutted an anti-Brexit march to call for Britain to remain in the European Union.

The Commingle for Europe march in London coincided with events to mark 60 years since the EU’s set up agreement, the Treaty of Rome, was signed.

A minute’s silence to remember the patsies of the Westminster attack was held ahead of speeches at a rally in Parliament With.

Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger the exit process from the EU next week.

A jiffy’s silence for the victims of last Wednesday’s attack came after organisers permitted to call off the event, saying “we will not be intimidated… We will trek on the heart of our democracy and reclaim our streets.”

Ex-Labour spin doctor Alistair Campbell proclaimed the crowd beforehand “we need to recognise that something really bad cooked not far from here just the other day”.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, Labour MP David Lammy and New co-leader Jonathan Bartley were also among those who addressed the mass.

Mr Farron said: “Democracy continues… We stand in defiance of that criticize.”

One marcher, Jaqueline Skelton, told the BBC she had joined the demonstration because she was “truly, really frightened” about leaving the EU.

But onlooker Mike McKenna, who voted to desert, said it would be better for the nation to unite before talks with the EU set out, “not stamp your feet and have hissy fits”.

Brexit Secretary David Davis has defined the upcoming talks to leave the EU as “the threshold of the most important negotiation for this rural area for a generation”.

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