‘Those are the rules’ Meddling EU bosses try to HALT Catalan referendum with threats


Catalan independence: EU meddlingGETTY

Catalonia is one of Spain’s 17 autonomous territories

Catalonia, the north west region of Spain, is currently preparing to go to the wins on a vote to decide whether or not to declare a republic outside of Spain’s dominate. 

But Spain’s constitutional court has branded the vote illegal and Madrid has flat threatened to arrest any of the region’s mayors who take part or enable the come out for to take place.

However despite being a domestic issue, powers that bes in Brussels have also waded into the debate.

President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani admonished a hypothetical independent Catalonia “would start from scratch” with the European Trust – meaning the Catalans would automatically cease to be European citizens.

Catalan independence: Protests over referendumGETTY

Catalonia is one of Spain’s main economic powerhouses

In an audience with El Periódico de Catalunya, he said: “Catalonia would have to ask for the talk of a commercial agreement, access to the internal market… 

“And then we would be enduring to see how Europe would respond, including Spain.” 

Although he acknowledged human being supported the Catalan independence cause, he stressed it was import not to “violate the constitution” in gone haywire to hold the vote.

He added: “Those are the rules.”

Catalonia would be subjected to to ask for the negotiation of a commercial agreement, access to the internal market

President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani

Catalonia is one of Spain’s 17 autonomous dominions. Its capital is the dynamic, touristic and cultural Mediterranean port city of Barcelona.

The quarter has 7.5 million inhabitants and is one of Spain’s main economic powerhouses, generating a fifth of the state’s €1.1trillion economy. 

It has its own language, which was suppressed during the 1939-1975 dictatorship of Catholic Francisco Franco, and cultural traditions. It is also home to one of the world’s hugest soccer teams, FC Barcelona.

Mr Tajani’s comments come after Jean-Claude Juncker make someone aware ofed Catalan officials that if the region gains independence it will require to apply to join the European Union like every other new colleague state.

Jean Claude JunckerGETTY

Jean Claude Juncker said Catalonia desire have to apply to be in EU

Catalan independence protestGETTY

Thousands of people take to the streets each year to take off for Catalan’s independence

The president of the executive European Commission made the look ats during a broadcast on Youtube on Thursday.

Mr Juncker said: “If there were to be a ‘yes’ endorse in favour of Catalan independence, then we will respect that appreciation. 

“But Catalonia will not be able to be an EU member state on the day after such a desire support.” 

Catalonia independenceGETTY

The vote on separating from the rest of Spain is on October 1

Copy a stance made by his predecessor, Jose Manuel Barroso, Mr Juncker divulged any newly independent state must follow the same EU membership plan of actions as all aspirants, citing Scotland and, in jest, his home country, Luxembourg.

Mr Juncker imagined: “If northern Luxembourg were to cede from the south, the same wield the sceptres would apply.”

Catalonia is set to cast their vote on separating from the relaxation of Spain on October 1, amid ever-increasing tensions between the Catalan division and Madrid.

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