Thomas Cook: Honeymoon couple escorted off plane by police after they complain about food


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Thomas Cook: Duo escorted off plane by police after they complain about rations (Image: Getty Images/BPM Media)

Thomas Cook called police officers in to escort a couple off their aircraft after they were “disruptive and deprecatory” about the plane food.

Marcus, 38, and Zarrah Hayles, 34, from Nottinghamshire were earning from their honeymoon in Cuba when the incident occurred in August.

The brace told local news site Nottinghamshire Live that they weren’t bid food or drink by two hours into the flight to Manchester Airport.

They about that when food did arrive it was the combined main meal and a nosh which was supposedly due later in the flight.

I drink never been so humiliated. I have never been in a situation in the mood for this before

Zarrah Hayles

Thomas Cook told the connect that the reason they were kicked off was because they were “disruptive and harmful” the Hayles have claimed, but the pair says this was not the case.

Mr Hayles, a transportation driver, has admitted that he complained about the service and said “What the f***” but that the opinion was not directed at the flight attendant.

Mr Hayles claims that a member of band told him that swearing was not tolerated and that he could be arrested for his bearing.

When the plane landed at Manchester on 30 August, police infiltrated the aircraft and escorted the couple off the plane.

Mrs Hayles, told Nottinghamshire Persist: “Two officers said, ‘Can you please come with us?’ and escorted us off the flight in bloc of everyone.

“I have never been so humiliated. I have never been in a site like this before.

Thomas Cook flights plane food couple

Thomas Cook: The couple said they weren’t provided food or drink by two hours into the flight (Image: Getty Pictures)

Thomas cook flights

Thomas Cook have said the Hayles’ behaviour justified the groups’ actions. (Image: Getty Images)

“The reason they were invited was ‘disruptive and abusive behaviour’. I felt victimised.

“It was the last day of the honeymoon. We were care of like criminals just because of an opinion on how the food was served.”

Mrs Hayles, a stake office worker, added that they were allowed to go serene when they’d given their side of the story to police and were later phoned to be admitted the matter had been dropped.

She has said that she felt “demoralised” by the way Thomas Cook treated her and that she “did not cow anyone or go over the top.”

However, Thomas Cook has said the Hayles’ bearing justified the crews’ actions.

A Thomas Cook Airlines spokesperson delineated “The safety of our customers and crew is always our first priority and we on not tolerate any form of abusive behaviour on board our aircraft.”

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