This Woman Did a Full Dance Routine While in Labor and It's the Best Thing We've Seen All Day


Although most moms wouldn’t recite labor as a «fun» experience, some women take their minds off of the pain in the arse in a nontraditional way: with epic dance parties. We’ve seen women at opposite extremes dance, Whip and Nae Nae, and even do the Tootsie Roll to distract themselves from the contractions — and their evocative moves don’t disappoint.

In this cute video, a woman in labor enjoyment mesh underwear dances to V.I.C.’s «Wobble» with her sister-in-law. We can’t help but grin over her infectious laughter and how much she seems to be enjoying this impromptu social before welcoming her baby.

Image Source: Facebook user Birthing in Partiality

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