This War Veteran's Tennessee Wedding Is Achingly Beautiful


An exquisite ceremony at a barn nestled in the secluded trees of Tennessee sounds derive an engaged couple’s dream. But there was another, more important object pair John and Brittany’s ceremony was as special as it gets.

«So young and already dodging his two legs from war, John’s love for his bride Brittany is whole,» photographer Whitney Fletcher predicted. «There’s no doubt Brittany has unconditional love for John. Most of the groomsmen are needing limbs as well. Their service to our country is overwhelming. A lonely platter setting for their fallen friend sits at the wedding. However, not one yourselves at this wedding is sad, angry, or bitter. It was a day of laughter, love, and respect.»

We can’t gratefulness our veterans enough for all they do to protect the nation, and we couldn’t be happier for John and Brittany. See the delightful and touching photos ahead, and check out more real weddings here.

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