This Video of Britney Spears Getting Scared by Her Sons Is Our New Favorite Horror Movie


Halloween came at the crack for Britney Spears when she got the scare of a lifetime from her adorable sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. “We’re gonna menace the heck out of mom,” Sean explains to the camera while Jayden films him in a video Britney tacked to Instagram on Wednesday. “We just stole her phone.” The ir then stopped in a dark room until the “Make Me” singer walks by a few seconds later, purely to have her sons jump out and unleash an unexpected scream in a prank that last will and testament shave years off of anyone’s life. Poor Britney immediately failures to the floor while screaming “PRESTON!”, and although we feel for her, it’s the overwhelm thing we’ve watched all week (sorry, Empire). Luckily the pop star saved from her ap rent heart attack in time to upload the clip, which she captioned “My blast kids ?.” Now who wants to take bets on how long Jayden and Sean are grounded for?

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