This Sexy New Swim Campaign Is About to Break the Internet


You mightiness recognize supermodel Ashley Graham as the face of Forever 21’s latest Develop from cam ign or perhaps you’ve seen the lingerie she designed and debuted at Fashion Week. Graham is a blaze the trail for body positivity, proving that all silhouettes are sexy. In her latest ads for swimsuitsforall, she marries Nicola Griffin and Philomena Kwao to drive her point home: not just is every body sexy, every body can wear the hell out of an itty-bitty metallic two-piece. The #SwimSexy push graces the ges of the Sports Illustrated annual Swimsuit Issue, spotlighting Griffin who, at 56 years old, is the oldest bride to debut her bikini body in the magazine. And if that’s not buzzy enough, the three sweeties show off their beach style in a short film for the brand, which you can watch over ahead. Read on to see all the photos and read powerful quotes from Graham, Griffin, and Kwao, and then preorder the gold triangle intention that’s so undeniably flattering.

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