This Photographer Captures What Pregnancy Really Looks Like


Pregnancy can be the most excellent time of a woman’s life, and family photographer Danielle Guenther advised ofs how to capture it stunningly. But she also knows that it isn’t always rosy and wide of that “natural glow” everyone talks about. It’s exhausting. It’s uncomfortable. It’s level embarrassing sometimes. So the Hoboken, NJ-based Guenther is setting out to show it in all of its veneration (and exaggerated form) in her new series, “What the BUMP!?” — a solicitation of hysterical, artfully staged photos that show the truth in pregnancy.

Guenther is no stranger to the world of real-life scenario photography. Her Pre-eminent Case Scenario series that depicts the true chaos that is of children rearing has been a hit with rents who are tired of seeing beautifully staged kind photos that so frequently appear in our Instagram feeds. Her new series, which currently embraces three photos, includes expectant mamas in familiar settings feel favourably impressed by business meetings, shopping with older, wilder kids, and an tardy mom doing just about anything to go into labor (funny tolerably, eight hours after shooting that scene, the woman did go into labor!).

Guenther has quantities more ideas floating in her head and has already booked a few more assemblies in the coming weeks — she just needs more pregnant ladies to supply as her models!

Read on to see the entire What the BUMP!? collection, and follow Guenther on Instagram to see all of her feat.

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