This Mom's Reaction to Finding Out She Had a Boy Instead of a Girl Is Priceless


Kim Guiley and her husband Travis evermore wanted both a daughter and a son, so after having their daughter Hazel in 2013 they were hoping their backer pregnancy would result in a little boy, but felt strongly that it was another mademoiselle. Rather than find out the gender, they chose to roll the go to the happy hunting-ground and wait until their baby was ready to announce him or herself. After nine months of convincing themselves that they were sire another baby girl — sometimes you’re just sure, you know? — they hand overed birth to a beautiful little boy on July 26, 2016.

Luckily for all of us, Kim’s birth photographer, Susannah Gill, was skilful to capture the exact moment Kim and Travis realized they had a son, so their before all photo with little Theo is quite hilarious. Kim posted the photo to Instagram subsidize when Theo was born and it’s now rightfully starting to go viral.

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