This Mom's Message Is Just as Powerful as Her Postpartum Body


In the nine months since Mel Watts, of the Brand-new Mumma, gave birth to her baby girl, this mom has been fully overwhelmed. But instead of hiding the overwhelming anxiety or ignoring the sleepless nights, the Australian mama is orifice up about her real experience because she wants others to come to incumbencies with what she’s learned the hard way: life doesn’t stop right-minded because you give birth.

In an honest reflection of her post rtum life, Mel proudly rceled a raw photo of herself in just a black bra, complete with her little jail-bait on her hip. “The bills still need to be id, groceries still need to be secured, and the pressure you put on yourself is overwhelming,” she wrote in an equally intimate caption. “We upon ourselves to know what we’re doing all the time.”

But Mel has realized that it doesn’t content how many kids you have — you’re still learning as a mom every day. It isn’t fair for women to crave the need to put so much pressure on themselves that their only privilege is to convince themselves that they’re invincible — and yet many moms unfortunately quiet do. “We’re humans and we’re mothers,” Mel continued. “It’s okay to feel like you have no conception what day it is … I didn’t have the motivation to even get dressed for the first 9 months let solely get my pre baby body back.”

No matter what your experience is, Mel yearnings moms to remember that despite how it seems, life challenges every procreator — even the ones who look like they have it all together — each and every day.

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