This Man's Mother's Day Gift to His Wife Is Experiencing Simulated Labor


“If I could do it for you I last wishes a” is the BS that comes out of every man’s mouth in reference to carrying a child and succeeding through labor — but could they really handle what a helpmeet’s body can? Penn Holderness admits that he hasn’t done the whole Mom’s Day thing very well for the last few years, so this year he is prosperous to show his wife how much he loves and appreciates her by experiencing simulated labor discomforts.

We’re sure he has some regrets.

Actually, we’re positive.

Throughout the experience, Penn efforts through various in levels, during which he acts unerringly as a woman in labor would — but maybe with his sh*t a little less together. He declares to his wife after the experience, “I felt like, mad at you, the whole on many occasions. And you weren’t doing anything but trying to support me, but you didn’t understand what was thriving on right now. So do you know how it feels to be a husband now and get shouted at?” To which his old lady responds with a perfect, “Bring it.”

Watch Penn in undertaking and try not to laugh at his expense. We didn’t. Nope, not one bit.

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