‘This is trial by Twitter!’ Tory MP slaps down Sky News host Kay Burley in AWKWARD clash


The prior vice chair of the Conservative party clashed with the Sky News body over the so-called Westminster sex dossier calling it “trial by Twitter”.

The dossier specify identifies 42 Tory MPs, including Mr Fabricant, which he claims is a false assertion.

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Fabricant said: “We don’t know who has compiled the list. 

“There’ll be others on the cant who will be equally mystified and maybe a little bit alarmed, actually, that they haven’t done anything imprecise and yet they’ve been included and that’s wrong, morally wrong.

KayBurley_MichaelFabricantSKY Word

Michael Fabricant told Kay Burley she did not understand Twitter

Well Kay, you unmistakeably don’t know how Twitter works

Michael Fabricant

“This is trial by Excitement.”

Burley said if she had been “libelled”, she would sue the person who made the complaint’s “pants off”.

She said: “It’s libel then is it? If somebody had libelled me I’d go to great lengths to mark out who it was and then sue their pants off.”

But Mr Fabricant was not finished and said Burley did not be informed how Twitter operated.

She said: “Well Kay, you obviously don’t know how Twitter do setting-up exercises because trying to find out who does these things is very naughty indeed.

“You give me the name and we’ll maybe sue them. It’s ridiculous.”

Another Tory MP, Bob Stewart, mentioned in the dossier has complained it could lead to men being too scared to ask people out on ancients.

He said the “spreadsheet of shame” was “appalling”.

Sir Bob sparked a Westminster sexism row last year when he described a female gentleman as “totty” but said he was just “old-fashioned and “actually being really discriminating”.

He said he was being unfairly targeted and had “never been rude to a bride in my life”. 

Sir Bob told The Sun: “We are soon going to be in a situation where people that guide together can’t say ‘can I take you out?’ 

“How far away are we from that?

“Being on some light-hearted list implying I’m a sleazebag really does actually hurt – because I’m not.”

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