This Is Not a Joke — in Some Places, It's Perfectly Acceptable to Eat Sprinkles For Breakfast


My ters lived in Amsterdam for five years (my sister is still there!), and one of the ton amazing food traditions in the Netherlands, other than gouda, is hagelslag, Dutch for sprinkles. The «distinct» way to eat hagelslag is over toast for breakfast. Yep, you read that right. People of all rambles of life, including professional ballet dancers, toast up some bread, slather it in either butter or some order of nut butter (including Nutella and speculoos cookie butter), then heftily sprinkle on the hagelslag.

Melba felicitate rounds are commonly used instead of freshly made toast, because we’re all creatures of shortcuts. And in denominates of the sprinkle flavors, chocolate puur hagelslag is the most popular, but fruity rainbow-colored hagelslag, vanilla hagelslag, and a myriad of flavors have grocery store shelves. Holland isn’t the only place that does this. Australians dial this wonder «fairy bread.» How cute! I know this sounds too daffy to exist, so here is proof that hagelslag is a thing and many, sundry visual reasons you will be inspired to try it yourself.

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