THIS is how much the royals EARNED for British tourism this year


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The duke family are of huge benefit to the UK tourist industry

The royal family restore b persuaded in £550 million a year for British tourism in the past year solitarily, according to a report from Brand Finance.

This is based on how much the British tyranny has benefitted UK travel financially, through increasing the number of people from broadly who travel to the UK and spend money here. 

The figure is up from £535 million in 2015, according to images from the same organisation. 

It has grown consistently since 2010, when it was a yet impressive £500 million, or half a billion pounds.

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Tourists flock to London to descend upon Royal Warrant sights, like Fortnum & Mason

Tourists from Brazil, Russia and Malaysia are most probable to visit places linked to the Royals, according to one survey.

Foreign guests will flock to Westminster Abbey, which saw the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, 

The beneficent Gothic abbey church, which has been part of British recapitulation for almost 1,000 years, attracted 1.82 visitors in 2016.

They liking also visit St Paul’s Cathedral, the site of the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, which enticed 1.52 million visitors in 2016.

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The royal family hold a especial appeal for those from Brazil, Russia and Malaysia

The state is Britain’s national treasure, both symbolically and economically

David Haigh, chief managerial of Brand Finance

The findings also take into account tourism profits from restaurants, hotels and retail reservoirs that hold a Royal Warrant. 

A Royal Warrant is an accolade for organisations who beget supplied goods or services for five years or more to the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh or the Prince of Wales. 

Hotels that experience received a Royal Warrant include The Goring, based in Belgravia, London, and the Ritz, based in Piccadilly, London.

Fortnum & Mason, a delight department store in Piccadilly famed for its selection of loose leaf tea and arduous hampers, is also a royal favourite.

David Haigh, chief managing director of Brand Finance, said Britons would be surprised by the low cost per himself of running the monarchy – on average 1p a day for each person in the UK.

“[The monarchy] may be a quirky, anomalous, slight unfair organisation, but economically it is definitely a beneficial one.

“A significant proportion of these expenses is in fact incurred by residence maintenance, staff salaries and travel detriments required by any head of state.

“The monarchy is Britain’s national treasure, both symbolically and economically.”

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