THIS is as crucial as BLOOD pressure for heart health — but do YOU know about it?


Blood flood has been branded the ‘third important pillar’ of cardiovascular health that man need to be aware of, but research has revealed few people realise that organizing smoothly-flowing blood is important.

Fruitflow+ Omega-3 — a tomato supplement — has been resulted to show similar effects on blood as 75mg of aspirin.

Aspirin is a common pharmaceutical that has a number of uses, from relieving pain to reducing the chance of serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes — as it has an anti platelet aftermath.

Research commissioned by the Fruitflow has revealed half the population don’t even cognizant of their own blood type  — 43 per cent of women and 62 per cent of men, which experts in shows an alarming number of people are ‘ill-informed’ about heart haleness.

“The significance of a healthy blood flow should not be underestimated,” said Dr Niamh O’Kennedy, delving scientist in cardiovascular health, based at University of Aberdeen.

“A healthy cardiovascular structure is one with no constrictions in the blood vessels — so no plaque build up due to chronically intoxication cholesterol levels and no compression caused by high blood pressure — and with smoothly overflowing blood.

“However, typically, very little thought is given to the blood animating round people’s bodies.

“This may be because people cannot see or brook it and it isn’t easily monitored.

“They’re only aware that there is something in error with it when they experience a major health scare — such as a sympathy attack,  stroke, DVT or pulmonary embolism.”

“The research found that a throw someone off balance five per cent — nearly 1.5 million Brits believe blood rush is consistent and nothing affects it.

“However experts said there are a catch napping number of lifestyle, environmental and hormonal factors that can impact anyone’s blood brim throughout the day — by making their platelets sticky, and their blood harder to stimulate.”  

Blood platelets – cells in the blood stream — stick together in suitcase of injury and stem blood loss.

But they can become sticky which disposes to a ‘thickening’ of the blood, adding stress to the circulatory system.

This can be triggered by lifestyle constituents, including poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, smoking and sundowner alcohol.

However, it can also be affected by pollution and hormones.

Sticky platelets can persist and go up cardiovascular disease and increase the risk of blood clots.

Dr O’Kennedy summed: “You sow the seeds of cardiovascular disease risk as young as your adolescence and twenties, but they lie dull while your body is in peak condition, able to resist triggers for infection and producing lots of nitric oxide.”

Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 is a dietary antiplatelet which hint ats it works to smooth the blood platelets, and so help to protect against their hyperactivity and unwanted blood clots.

The addition has previously been hailed as a replacement for aspirin finding it was as effective as a fasten on dose of the drug.

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