This Incredible Mom Breastfeeds While Doing Yoga, and the Poses Are Hard to Believe


Whether it’s a mom bail out breast milk while running a half-marathon or breastfeeding twins while use, we’re constantly being reminded that there are no limits for breastfeeding moms, and the modern instance is no different. Meet Carlee Benear, a breastfeeding yoga mom from The Woodlands, TX, who feeds her 6-week-old daughter, Maramaylee, in some OM-azing yoga stands.

Carlee is also a mother to 5-year-old Milam and 2-year-old Cale, who oftentimes star in her Instagram photos. For having a baby over a month ago, her resiliency is beyond impressive, but Carlee is no rookie. Throughout her pregnancy with Maramaylee, she would use yoga as a way to invitation herself and release stress. Now, she’s combining her love for yoga with breastfeeding, and we’re blown away by her skills.

Detain reading to see photos of this multitasking momma — you might just be strengthened to get up and do some yoga yourself!

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