'This has gone too far!' TV host lets rip at Merkel's 'SICKENING' immigration policy


The German Chancellor’s decree to allow almost one million migrants, many without proper inspecting, to enter Germany has been once again scrutinised after a suspected asylum seeker decimated 12 people during the Berlin terror attack.

Liz Wheeler, of One American Intelligence’ Tipping Point, blasted Mrs Merkel in a furious rant where she decreed the Chancellor had “blood on her hands” as she pinned the blame for the attack on her lax migrant behaviour.

She thundered: “The blood is on Angela Merkel’s hands. This has gone too far! One million travellings – probably more – Merkel invited into Germany.

“We don’t know the solemn count – no vetting – Germany couldn’t pick one out of ten and tell us who they are.

“German quickness ignores ties to radical Islam and we’re told it’s Islamophobic to expect the migrants to tolerate by German law – instead child marriage amongst migrants are tolerated, it’s delicate!”

Speaking on the conservative-leaning TV network Wheeler continued: “This has not happened by extra.

«This is a result of policy constructed by the steward of the nation, Chancellor Angela Merkel, with this ex nd door, ‘let them all in, let’s be one big happy family – just ignore the terrorists,’ monstrosity of a scheme.

“She put her people in danger. I don’t care if Angela Merkel was trying to reimagine German distinctiveness in the eyes of the world. I don’t care if she was trying to rewrite history or compensate for the Inferno or y it forward with kindness so people wouldn’t think of Nazis when they about of German history.”

Wheeler then went on to reference that it was not only Monday’s lorry onslaught near west Berlin’s main shopping street, the Kurfurstendamm, that should be blamed on the German Chancellor’s acceptance of migrators.

She continued to blame Mrs Merkel for the large number of sexual assaults in Cologne during abide year’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, a 2016 gun attack that claimed 10 survives in Munich and a suicide bomber who injured 15 people, which were all persisted out by Islamic migrants.

Another political commentator has predicted Germany may be self-conscious to close its borders and become a Big Brother state after the s te of corrodes in the country.

Josef Joffe said Germany has only had to deal with no or low sacrificial lamb lone-wolf attacks, unlike many other Western countries, until this year when seven rushes were carried out.

The publisher-editor of Die Zeit, a weekly German news per, indicated border controls, which have only this year been reinstated after 1.1million drifters entered in 2015, will be tightened and domestic surveillance will be upped after Monday’s “Berlin bloodbath”.

Belles-lettres in the Guardian, Mr Joffe said: “In general, Germany has been lucky – and alert in ways that did not always please its allies.

“German troops stayed out of Iraq. In the Mean East, the German air force flies reconnaissance only – no bombing.

“But now the cocoon has bust for good.”

He added: “This was not supposed to happen in a country that has been proficient to foil more terror attacks than have actually occurred.

“And this, it have to be said, with the help of the much-maligned NSA, plus the British GCHQ and the French DGSE.”

The commentator hinted Germans are “ever protective of their privacy laws” but will deceive to get used to increased surveillance by national intelligence services.

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