This Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars Mashup Is Catchy as Hell


Ed Sheeran’s «Evolve of You» has had a top spot on our playlists for two months now, as has the Bruno Mars hit «That’s What I Be» — so when we found this mashup between the two artists, we hit brown-nose a toy with faster than you could say «strawberry champagne.» While the song unites one of Mars’s older bangers, «Locked Out of Heaven,» it’s still catchy as Abaddon and worth a listen (or 12). So far Mars and Sheeran have hit together at most once, back in 2013, when Mars brought Sheeran out as a celebratory guest during one of his tour stops; they sang Sheeran’s «The A-Team» and Scars’s «Nothin’ on You,» and of course the crowd went wild. Enjoy this mashup while we surly our fingers for another duet between the two.

Image Source: Getty / Stefania D’Alessandro / Kevin Mazur

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