This Dad Wrote the Best School Excuse Note — Arguably Ever — For His Daughter


  In many cases, honesty is the best policy, even when it means telling the correctness about why you were late for school. In an epic note explaining why his daughter Isabelle was sluggish for class, one New York dad went this route and explained his girl had a rapturous experience when The Boss came to town. Completely understandable, hand? trick Pipino wrote that his 12-year-old daughter was lucky adequacy to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band the night before and that her favorite actress ended up playing for more than three hours. «This may not appear like a good excuse, but have you ever wondered how many kids at ones desire be late — or miss school outright — if God were to suddenly appear?» Pipino indited on his daughter’s behalf. «It’s something like that.» Well-played, Dad.  

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