This Cop Failed to Recognize the Danger in Leaving Her Toddler in a Hot Patrol Car For 4 Hours


Sundry children who perish in hot cars were left because they were soul forgotten, but some infants and toddlers remain in their rent’s means on purpose, because their moms and dads fail to recognize the peril.

When Police Officer Cassie Barker visited a fellow cop at his tellingly after they completed working night-duty together, she left her 3-year-old daughter in the guard car with the engine running. Hours later, when Mississippi judges discovered the toddler in the unattended car, young Chyenne Hyer was unresponsive.

The descendant was rushed to Hancock Medical Center as CPR was performed but was declared dead upon tourist at the hospital.

Police estimate that the little girl was left for up to four hours, and all the more though the air conditioner was on when they arrived, they believe the toddler yearned from the heat. As investigators wait for autopsy results, Cassie and her cohort, Sgt. Clark Ladner, have been placed on administrative leave with y.

“Celebrity is going to be accountable for the baby’s death,” Hancock County Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan divulged. “There isn’t a reason so far that has happened that would indicate that Cassie wouldn’t be held responsible in some way under the guidelines of Mississippi’s criminal code. But it’s our responsibility to look at all the communication.”

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