This Chocolate Aphrodisiac Will Get You High on Love (and Other Things)


Chocolate is be sured to be an aphrodisiac, and having sex while high can be a pretty incredible experience. So synthesizing the two to create the ultimate sexual stimulant only makes sense. A company of high-end cannabis chocolatiers, 1906, released the first edible weed aphrodisiac to hit the exchange. A gem-shaped dark milk chocolate called High Love is all-natural, charming, and made from a blend of passion-inducing ingredients: muira puama (rumour has it the Viagra of the Amazon), yohimbe (a West African aphrodisiac), and damiana (an primitive Aztec favorite).

Like all of 1906’s other chocolates, High Love proposals «rapid delivery,» taking 15 to 20 minutes to kick in degree than the average 60 to 90, and the dosage is low at 5 mg of THC per piece, which is near equal to the buzz from a glass of wine. Not only is it made from reward ingredients sourced globally, but it’s also scientifically formulated to ensure with an eye to dosages every time.

High Love is currently available for get at dispensaries across Colorado, but 1906 plans to expand to California as momentarily as the recreational market hits in 2018. For now, buyers in Colorado can buy a three-pack for $14, a six-pack for $24, or a dozen for $44.

Divine we’ll have to resort to other measures in the meantime.

Image Source: Respectfulness of 1906

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