This British item is the MOST confiscated at airports (…but it now comes in TRAVEL size!)


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Marmite now end up in a 70g jar as it is revealed to be the most confiscated airport item

Marmite lovers elated as they can now include the item in their hand-luggage.

The popular British spread is one of the myriad confiscated items when travellers are heading abroad.

The spread is classified as a liquefied and, with strict liquid rules for hand luggage, it is regularly wiped due to being over 100g.

Fans of the controversial food will now be capable to enjoy it when on the plane or on holiday.

It is always a popular item for Brits attractive abroad, often for families or friends who live in foreign countries.

The British chow item is hard to locate abroad so it is a great present to take to nostalgic friends.

The new hand-luggage friendly size will now mean those who touring light won’t have to check in any hand-luggage just to include it.

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Hand Luggage banned items

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The in demand British spread is classed as a liquid so is regularly seized at airports

Britons can buy the jar for £1 at Poundland, Co-Op or Boots airport stockpiles

It is the second most popular item that Britons take on gala.

It is only beaten by the trusty British tea bag.

With airline food recognized for being bland and tasteless, it is also great news for travellers unsound to add some zing to their food.

Britons can buy the jar for £1 at Poundland, Co-Op or Boots airport inventories.

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The 70g means Britons taking to friends and family abroad can forbid it in their hand luggage

Another popular item is also now allowed via airport security, although for different reasons.

500g jars of pesto are now sanctioned in travellers hand-luggage.

However, this is only permitted for authentic conflicts of the product, and only at Genoa airport.

Britons flying from the UK, unfortunately, don’t administer for the rules.