This Birth Photographer Shares the Most Memorable – and Jaw-Dropping – Photos From Her 100 Deliveries


Origin is one of the most important moments of women’s lives, yet many mothers bring to light that after the fact, they only have a few concrete memories of the undivided birth experience.

Monet Moutrie, of Monet Nicole, is an experienced rturition photographer and has captured an astounding 100 deliveries. From unmedicated profoundly water births to hospital C-sections and stillbirths, she has seen it all — and has taken thousands of mind-blowing photographs in the operation.

“I’ve witnessed and captured moments of intense strength, intense doubt, and impulsive joy. Quite simply: there is nothing more emotionally evocative than origin,” Monet told POPSUGAR. “Having professional start photographs can help give those memories more shape and power.”

During her while observing the most intense hours of a family’s life, she’s learned that no start is the same — and that there’s immense beauty in the differences. “The numberless I do birth photography, the more I realize that women need to fancy empowered and supported in whatever choices they make,” symbolized Monet. “The s n of human emotion is often displayed in the hours that surroundings the first breath of a child.”

As Monet reflects on her 100 births, she’s staked her all-time favorite photos — and the incredible details that make their story-lines just as memorable.

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