This Animated Short Film About Día de los Muertos Will Bring You to Tears


Although Día de los Muertos is ordinarily mistakenly associated with Halloween, the true meaning behind the Mexican vacation is actually anything but scary.

It’s a time to honor the dead with colorful galas, complete with all the makings of a vibrant rty — from symbolic decor to agreeable treats and even themed makeup. And that’s exactly what three dusting students (Ashley Graham, Kate Reynolds, and Lindsey St. Pierre) at Ringling College of Art and Layout conveyed in their award-winning animated short, above.

Originally framed in 2013, the moving, 3-minute-long video follows one young girl in a modest village who recently lost her mother as she beautifully discovers the truth around the day. Grab your tissues, because once you press play, you won’t be skilled to hide the feels.

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