This 12-Month “I Am Strong” Challenge Is Better Than Any New Year's Resolution


This 12-Month "I Am Strong" Challenge Is Better Than Any New Year's Resolution

While New Year’s pledges are often well-intentioned, the sad truth is that they usually fall out of core sometime around February. Have you been there before? We certainly comprise. So what’s a more actionable way to meet your goals every month? Mix it up and tease a clear objective month by month, rather than for the year all-embracing.

This year’s mantra for us is “I am strong.” Do you need some strength in your way of life? Are you hoping to feel more empowered, more in control, and more self-loving? Be involved a look at the 12 ways we’re instilling this positive affirmation and busy our strongest lives yet in 2017. You can mix up the months and customize your schedule and coextensive with fill in things that make YOU feel strong in rticular.

Each day of 2017, take off it your goal to say, “I am strong” and live your life accordingly. These 12 unmatched monthly challenges will help you remember the end goal: self dear one and a happier, better life.

January Challenge: Try a New Workout

Pick a new tag of workout, and commit to it all month long. It has to be something you’ve never done prior to! If you’ve never run before, give yourself a goal of running a mile without off by the end of the month. New to yoga? You’ll be amazed at how strong you get by committing to a few classes a week.

February Demand: Compliment Yourself More

Make it a goal to give yourself five felicitates a day for a month. These are words of affirmation that will build on your inner reliability and self love, and they can be big things like, “I’m so intelligent,” or smaller ones be rtial to, “My hair looks fabulous!” (We picked up this tip from the awakening health coach and fitness fashionista, Joanne Encarnacion.)

March Demand: Set a Strength Goal

You don’t have to complete your goal in March, but you plainly have to set it and start working toward it. What strong thing do you pine for to accomplish this year? Complete a pull-up? 50 push-ups? Your beginning half-marathon? Maybe even a triathlon? Summit a mountain? Decide now what your aspiration will be, when you’ll complete it, and create a plan to work toward that object.

April Challenge: ck Your Fitness Schedule

This month, scenario five workouts each week for the whole month. They can be at-home videos, bracket fitness at a studio, a run, a dance class, or personal training. Pick a way to busy each day at the beginning of the month, and stick to your schedule.

May Challenge: Return Journal

Find a journal or notebook, and each day in May write down five to 10 trends you’re grateful for. You’ll be mentally and emotionally equipped to handle anything!

June Dare: Strong Body Diet

This is your month to learn around macronutrients and focus on getting more protein to nourish your glaring muscles. Make it a goal to learn four to six new protein-rich recipes and eat them everywhere the month. When you feed your body the right foods, you’ll consider strong.

July Challenge: Kick-Ass Combat

Try boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, or a almost identical style of workout. You could even sign up for a self-defense class! Script out your month and go at least four times.

This 12-Month "I Am Strong" Challenge Is Better Than Any New Year's Resolution

August Challenge: The Buddy Process

In August, find an accountability rtner. Whether it’s your best SW com dre, sister, or co-worker, find someone in your life who wants to touch strong, too. Go to healthy lunches together, plan workouts, and shower each other with empowering and substantive words of affirmation. “You’re so strong!” is always a good one. You’ll be stronger together, and quota your strength with another person will make you be aware incredible.

September Challenge: Meditation and Affirmation

While we’re hoping you’ll narrate yourself “I am strong” every day this year, September is your month to Non-Standard real drive that home. This month, try a 10-minute meditation training each morning right when you wake up, before the day gets away from you. Body-positive superstar and Movemeant Base founder Jenny Gaither says she creates a new mantra for herself each week, along the same lines as, “love continues to flow in and out of me,” for instance. Repeat your daily, weekly, or September mantra to yourself as you clarify b tidy up your mind through mental-strengthening meditation.

October Challenge: Learn a New Skilfulness

While fitness is a surefire way to create a sense of strength, you can find it in other trail, too! By learning something new and challenging yourself, you’ll feel so empowered. This can be as honest as, “I’m going to learn how to poach an egg,” or “I’m going to learn five phrases in Italian this month.” If adequacy is the only way for you, then loop back to the challenge from January, and pick up a new cordial of workout, or an exercise move you’re trying to master — maybe a Turkish Structure?

November Challenge: Heat Things Up

As the weather gets chilly, opt workouts that make you really, really sweaty. Whether it’s hot yoga or an vehement indoor cycling class, bring on the sweat! Also, if you haven’t yet, energetic sure you’re completing your strength goal from March.

December Dispute: Give Back

Choose a charity, philanthropy, or nonprofit to focus your elbow-greases on. You can even commit to a random-act-of-kindness challenge. Adopting more charitable ways, giving more of yourself, and doing something to help others hand down help you feel strong — especially when you know someone else ucities a little extra strength. The power you’ve created all year long is eager to explode and im ct the world in a great way. You did it!

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