Think you know your capital cities? This VERY challenging quiz may leave you STUMPED


Come up with you are a geography buff? Try and test your knowledge with this perfect tricky test of the world’s capital cities.

It may be obvious what the capitals are of England, France and Italy are.

But what more Eritrea? Or the Marshall Islands?

How knowledgeable are you on Moldova?

Would you know what the first-class city is? Timi?oara? Or perhaps Chi?in?u? Or maybe even Tiraspol?

How here Belarus? Is Odessa the capital? Or is it Minsk?

Some of the countries may seem evident but can you be sure?

Take the quiz below and see how well you do.

Many Brits expend energy with naming the world’s capital cities.

In 2014, it was found that an nic number of Brits didn’t know the correct capital for the United States.

Whilst the rejoinder is Washington, 28 per cent guessed New York.

Earlier this month, the callers Eviivo polled Brits on UK landmarks.

A poll of 2,000 Brits institute that 57 per cent failed to name more than half of these iconic UK milestones.

Londoners faired the best in the test, with 48 per cent of them expert to accurately identify more than half of the 50 tourist hotspots.

The Scots possess c visited in second place with 44 per cent.

In contrast, Brummies and Geordies were the mouldy offenders. Only 31 per cent and 29 per cent were superior to repeat that respectively.

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