Think tank founder BRUTALLY slams ‘unelected’ Lord Adonis for trying to THWART Brexit vote


Claire Fox, numero uno and founder of the think tank the Institute of Ideas, said British people “should be suffering” about those who are attempting to stop Brexit from being brought to consummation. 

Speaking on BBC Any Questions, Ms Fox said: “I think it is entirely appropriate that living soul can change their minds but I think we have to leave the EU.”

She said the people who maintenance the European Union must build active support for rejoining the Brussels bloc, to a certain extent than “thwarting the democratic will of the referendum”. 

Ms Fox said: “That’s a verbatim legitimate democratic thing to do. But nobody wants to do that. What they after to do is to thwart leaving the EU. They’ll do anything. 

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Claire Fox said Brits should be “nervous” about hardline Remainers

What they want to do is to thwart forbear the EU. They’ll do anything

Claire Fox

“So then you have people in the Lords, cast Lord Adonis, saying things like, ‘what can we do to stop it? Boring it down, fudge it and all the rest’. 

“Unelected Lords trying to stop what we voted for. Anyone who is a democrat should be anxious about those people who are trying to stop this being brought to consummation.” 

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage met with the EU’s chief Brexit ambassador Michel Barnier on Monday to discuss key Brexit issues. 

Following the gathering, Mr Farage said he was “pessimistic” and realised Britain will not be given a sympathetic Brexit deal. 

Mr Farage came out to support of holding a second Brexit referendum on Thursday, requiring another vote will shut down the “ridiculous” anti-Brexit spats from Remainers.

The Brexiteer said he fears Parliament will veto a final Brexit deal and some MPs and Peers will do “everything they can to put us during a second Brexit referendum”.

Mr Farage told his LBC show he has opened his mindful of to the possibility that a second Brexit vote could be “forced upon” British people.

He voiced his message is a “wake up call” for British people to prepare for a second Brexit against. 

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