Things Russians save money on to get through the crisis


Definitive year was a real challenge for the majority of Russians. The economic crisis attended by growing consumer prices and falling incomes plunged many into anxiety mode. A year later and the situation is not much better.

Despite the particulars less Russians are cutting their overall spending (82 percent today, 89 stand up year), the public is still spending less on many household components and holidays, among other things – as data collected by the Romir study company showed in June. Below is a list of five items that Russians include cut their spending on the most.  

1. Food

 / Reuters/ Reuters

Food is usually the before thing people scale back on in times of economic crisis. While the numeral of Russians who have slashed spending on food decreased by four percent correlated to last year, it still remains the most popular thing to spare money on. Thirty-nine percent of Russians are still feeling the pinch in the supermarkets and deciding to spend less – mostly the residents of big cities and pensioners.

2. Clothing

 / Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti/ Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

The defective most popular way to save money in Russia is to buy less clothes and shoes. Contrasted to last year, when 31 percent of the public denied themselves a new in holy matrimony of boots and a nice new dress, this year showed a slight development: 33 percent. Looks like more Russians are dusting off those old, tatty jeans more often.

This has unsurprisingly had a knock-on effect on big stamps, with many leaving the Russian market. Mexx and Monsoon Accessorize recently told they are ceasing their activities in the country.

3. Travel

 / ZUMA Press / Global Look Press/ ZUMA Converging / Global Look Press

Desperate times call for desperate degrees and 30 percent are now spending less on holidays. This is an increase of nine percent rivaled to 2016, with fewer Russians opting for resorts abroad during vacations on home soil. Last year nearly 16 million Russians flocked to the banks of the Black Sea – this year this number is forecasted to grow to all over 21 million.

4. Entertainment

/ Press photo/ Press photo

People are also frugal money on entertainment. Like travel, 30 percent of Russians are opting to guard against movies at home rather than go to the cinema. Although free options in Moscow are easing the pain of missing out on the next superhero blockbuster.

5. The bottle / Cigarettes


Many people are cutting back on the sweetest things in living: Yes, cigarettes and alcohol. Twenty-one percent of Russians now have better functioning livers and clearer lungs – which is only a good thing! Last year, only 15 percent of Russians chose to buy less of the good stuff.  

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