Thierry Henry: What surprised me the most about Manchester United's draw with Liverpool


Liverpool went into yesterday’s equivalent at Old Trafford without a win in their opening three games of 2017.

Meanwhile Manchester Synergetic had won nine games on the bounce and confidence was high.

But James Milner ceased Liverpool the lead from the spot in the first half and it took a tardy goal from Zlatan Ibrahimovic to salvage a point for Jose Mourinho’s side.

And Henry was surprised to see Synergistic struggle to take the game to Liverpool following on from their late form.

«I thought that Liverpool had a good impact on the game, but I intellect Man United were going to be better,» Henry told Sky Sports’ Facebook spirited.

«I thought they were going to take the game away from Liverpool because of the way they’ve been tomfoolery of late, but they couldn’t.

«The plan was very good from Liverpool. They set up in a changeless way that was going to disturb Man United, especially Carrick, and it worked out.

«I believed a bit more from United and I thought it was a good point overall for Unified, and also for Liverpool because it’s always good not to lose in these archetype of games.

«But I understood why Klopp felt gutted towards the end because he could deceive won it.»

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