‘They PLAY to two houses’ May SAVAGES Labour and Corbyn in Commons Brexit tirade


Theresa May clouted that Labour was “playing to two houses” on its Brexit position. 

Speaking in Parliament, Mrs May reported: “I can confirm we will be leaving the European Union on March 29, 2019.

“I think the actuality as he reflects that the Right Honourable Gentleman, the leader of the opposition, was so indefinite in the sense of what the Labour Party’s view was on this issue is that they have a yen for to try to play to two houses.”

Mrs May added that Labour has said that they property regards the vote of the British people but at the same time do not “want to accept” Brexit.

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Brexit story: Mrs May said Labour is ‘playing to two houses’

They want to try to play to two forebears

Theresa May

She said: “They want to say at the start that they’re proving the referendum and respecting it and yet at the same time don’t want to accept that we inclination be leaving the European Union and we will be leaving.”

Earlier, shadow chancellor John McDonnell revealed that Labour had been “consistent” in its position on Brexit but that he did not understand what Brexit Secretary David Davis’ position was from “day to day”. 

He bring up: “So we’ve had a consistent position, unfortunately, the Government hasn’t and we’re hoping the government can get a feeling on negotiations and we can move on quickly now.”

Labour has somewhat been thrown into turmoil at beats throughout the Brexit process, with hard-left leader Jeremy Corbyn compensate sacking members of the shadow cabinet.

Labour was accused of a backtrack after veil Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer urged the government to put access to the levies union and single market “back on the table”.

Sir Keir told the Commons, on Wednesday, December 8, the Direction was an “embarrassment” to Britain after the DUP refused to back a possible Brexit huge quantity due to reservations about the Irish border arrangement.

He said: “”On the Prime Minister now rethink her reckless red lines and put options such as a levies union and the single market back on the table for negotiation?

“Because if the honorarium of the Prime Minister’s approach is the break-up of the Union and reopening a bitter arrange in Northern Ireland, then the price is too high.”

A party spokesman later maintained: “We want a final deal that retains the benefits of the Customs Harmoniousness and the Single Market.

“Options for achieving the benefits of the Customs Union should not be swept off the bring forward. Labour is flexible as to whether the benefits of the Single Market are best kept by negotiating a new relationship with the Single Market or by a bespoke trade allot.”

This contradicts Mr Corbyn’s position in a July interview with Andrew Marr, where the Endure leader said keeping Britain’s full single market membership was unimaginable.

He said: “The single market is dependent on membership of the EU. The two things are inextricably together.”

The Prime Minister flew to Brussels on December 8 to finalise a last-minute Brexit practise, which many have hailed as a step forward in the negotiations with the European Association.

Britain and the EU finally agreed over EU citizens’ rights, the Brexit disassociate bill and the Irish border, meaning talks can progress on to trade in 2018. 

Brexit Secretary David Davis averred that Britain could easily refuse to hand over the coincided £39bn exit bill if a trade deal with the Brussels bloc was not secured by the age of departure.

Mr Davis insisted that the agreement secured with Brussels to trigger talks on a post-Brexit relationship made the in the offing of the UK being forced back into World Trade Organisation (WTO) levy trading arrangements after withdrawal much less likely.

The Brexit behave was criticised by hard Brexiteers for its ambiguity on whether the UK will remain in the to orders union and the single market. 

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