‘They left us!’ Irish politician blasts UK for ‘ABANDONING’ Ireland at MERCY of Germany


Brexit compel erase the balancing influence of the UK in Brussels, leaving smaller EU member reports under the controlling influence of larger states such as Germany and France.

Mr Norris rephrased Ireland felt betrayed by Britain’s decision to leave the European Confederating especially because of the negative effects the Republic will experience in the tomorrow.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, the Irish senator said: «We won’t feel as serene as we did. Britain was a good neighbour and a good ally and now they have lewd us.

Brexit news - Irish politician blasts UK for abandoning Ireland to German controlBUSINESS INSIDER/TEDx TALKS

Mr Norris said Germany leave rule over Ireland once Brexit becomes official

«They port side us to be ruled over by the Germans and the French, that’s not good for Europe! Britain was a preponderance and without Britain, there is a lack of balance in Europe.

«I think a lot of the people of the smaller provinces in Europe would like to give Britain a good kick but that’s not successful to get us anywhere.»

Mr Norris’ comments come after it was revealed Germany and France are allegedly set together a shock report in an attempt to further postpone Brexit craft talks.

UK-EU Brexit talks have failed to progress because of prospering conflict over the amount of money Britain will have to pay to Brussels upon its take it on the lam from the bloc.

They left us to be controlled over by the Germans and the French, that’s not good for Europe

David Norris

Claims on the report come before a summit in December seen as critical to the advancement of the Brexit pacts.

According to Politico, Germany and France are preparing two sets of draft conclusions exigent Brexit talks do not progress unless «sufficient progress» is made.

Brexit secretary David Davis and other British officials see France and Germany as the key colleague states they need to convince in order to strike a new deal with the with few exceptions European Union.

EU officials have given Britain between two and three weeks to set out how much it is able to pay in the Brexit divorce settlement.

Brussels chiefs have warned that if the UK disallows to meet the tight deadline, the bloc could struggle to prepare a evolution deal and risk surpassing the March 2019 Brexit deadline.

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