‘They do know BEST!’ Tory MP delivers in PASSIONATE speech in defence of Brexit voters


The Tory machine politician spoke out for Brexit voters across the country as he urged Parliament to stump attempts to keep Britain in the European Union through membership of the European Commercial Area (EEA).

Becoming a member of the EEA would force Britain to abide by business rules imposed by Brussels and pay for access to the single market. 

Speaking to the fore of a crucial vote on the Government’s Brexit Bill, Mr Mackinlay insisted British voters had made direct they wanted out of the current trade arrangements with the bloc.

He told suitor MPs: «What it’s clear for many is that it is a barely-disguised attempt to keep Britain in the European Conjoining.


Brexit news: Craig Mackinlay passionately champion Leave voters

«It is a barely-disguised attempt to say to the 17.4 million, to those 66 percent of constituencies across the sticks that ‘you were wrong, you little people didn’t know what you were doing, and we identify best.’

«Well I’m sorry, the people of this country do know upper-class and they knew what they were voting for.»

Mr Mackinlay enlarged: «That means leaving the customs union, leaving the single buy and gaining control of our laws, borders, and money.»

Labour’s amendment to energy the Government into seeking a deal maintaining the benefits of the single market-place and the customs union was defeated by 342 votes to 240. 

The people of this state do know best and they knew what they were referendum for

Craig Mackinlay

But the Labour party announced five junior chaplains had resigned ahead to the vote on EEA membership, signalling the group planned to nonconformist against the party line and back calls to remain in the institution. 

Curtain minister Laura Smith, an outspoken Remainer, led the exodus from Mr Corbyn’s top combine in protest at his stance on Brexit.

The MP – who represents the Leave-voting area Crewe and Nantwich – was followed by Ged Killen, Ellie Reeves, Tonia Antoniazzi and Anna McMorrin.

Throughout 70 Labour and 14 Tories rebelled against their companies during the EEA vote.

The Government secured the right to kick out the EEA amendment to the Brexit Pecker proposed by the Lords with 327 votes to 126.

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