‘They are not resting in peace now’ CCTV shows man STEALING flowers from family grave


Doleful relatives installed a CCTV overlooking the grave of Steve and Pat Russell and their daughters after noticing creme de la cremes they had placed regularly went missing.

Younger daughter Kerry, 12, craved 31 years ago after collapsing at school with a heart environment.

Her sister, Kirsty, also suffered from the same condition and died age-old 18 in 1996.

Mother Patricia Russell died in 2014 from a spirit attack and her husband, Steve, died the following year.

Their ashes were show beneath a rose bush near their daughters’ grave in Eastern Cemetery, Skin.

Friends and family who attended the grave often left flowers but they developed concerned seven months ago when the flowers started to go missing.

After inspecting footage from a CCTV camera they installed above the sepulchre, they were horrified to see a man riding a bike stop and take the acclaims.

Allan Hiley, Mr and Mrs Russell’s nephew, could not believe what he was perceiving when friends told him about the footage.

He said: “It’s the grave of my auntie and uncle and their two daughters.

“I happen over every now and again to visit the grave and friends who knew them.

“They jangled me up a while ago to tell me someone was taking the flowers and decorations. I was horrified.

“The ardour that family had between them was incredible and the fact that someone could be doing that to their solemn is a farce.

“I was upset about it. They were a lovely family.

“They are not resting in non-combative because of this.”

The images show a man, dressed in a blue overcoat and lying a pushbike, stop and examine the grave before reaching down and fingers oning a bunch of flowers.

He shakes the excess water on the ground before squaring off with them.

An friend of the family, who wanted to remain anonymous, put: “My wife and her friends all visit the grave every week or so to put down finest and other decorative items to make the grave look nice.

“We started to observe back in April that things were going missing and clinked each other to figure out what was going on.

“Every so often we drive go there and they were gone.

“Someone suggested to me to put a camera there to understand who was doing it. So I purchased one and hid it in a nearby tree.

“There are graves either side and on all sides of it that don’t get touched so this is personal.

“It’s just disgusting. Why would you do that to a grim? I can’t get my head around it.”

The video has been sent to Humberside Police after Framework City Council confirmed they were not responsible for removing the bests from the grave.

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