These Stunning Home Water Birth Photos Are Going to Blow You Away


Bankroll b reverse in August, Jynessa Weed was 40 weeks and three days expecting with her fourth child, but had no expectations of going into labor any days soon because her first three children’s labors were both convinced and C-sections. So when she started to develop a pinching feeling in her cervix — aka her contractions criticizing on — she ignored it for a while. It wasn’t until her midwife announced that Jynessa was three-centimeters dilated that this mom truthfully believed she could actually have her baby naturally this experience around.

After a mid-labor pedicure through her first real contractions, she faced her refusal and came to terms with the fact that her baby was on the way. Her midwife, Pity, her doula, Liz, and two student midwives arrived, and it was show time. “Can I even arise to tell you how awesome it was to labor in my own home?” Jynessa wrote in a post allotted to the Love What Matters Facebook page. “Walking around and attending to my own music. I FaceTimed my dad as we were getting the pool set up.”

But her carefree labor rapidly became very painful back labor, which she experienced with the line of her son, Baylor. “Now if you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing back labor it’s pulchritudinous much hell on earth,” she wrote. “Liz got out her tens unit which was ahhhmazing, placid painful but manageable at that point.”

Finally, it was just about immediately for Jynessa’s baby to make an entrance, so the mom laid in her bath on her husband Anthony’s lap. “Anthony was so in tune up with me reassuring I could do this,” she wrote. “I flipped over to my disregard and laid in his lap and let my body do its thing, two pushes and her head was coming out. I yelled ‘I can’t do this, I can’t’ while I was worrying to push my legs closed as if that was going to do anything. Jennifer was too revealing me to ease her head out and that I was going to feel her turn. I gave one uncountable push and reached down to grab my baby . . . I pulled her up to my breast.”

At 10:19 p.m. Scout Madelynn Dawn Weed was officially born, and Jynessa couldn’t be convinced of it. “I got my home-birth, water birth,” she said. “I looked at her in awe; I had a daughter. I am so proud of myself for believing in myself and my viscosity and following my heart, Scout’s birth was so fast and so intense, I honestly couldn’t suffer with done it without my amazing birth team.”

Lucky for Jynessa — and us — her mythical birth story was captured by photographer Kourtnie Elizabeth. “I love put together generations together by capturing the raw, real, 100 percent unscripted mos,” Kourtnie told POPSUGAR Moms. “To welcome a baby Earthside and to be a yield of their first moments is a privilege.” Scroll through to see some of the well done photos Kourtnie took both during and after Scout’s parentage.

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