These Colorful (and Healthy!) Unicorn Noodles Are About to Flood Your Instagram


We’ve already feasted our eyes on a paralysing array of unicorn-themed desserts in the form of doughnuts and macarons, but now the mythical, horn-topped organism is slowly but surely making its way into the dinnertime scene. Thanks to a behaviour of genius foodies out there, unicorn noodles are officially a thing, and they’re unconditionally about to take over your Instagram feed.

It looks be A.J., the creative experimenter behind food blog The Indigo Kitchen, is the initial source of this magically colorful dish. The 20-something has been split photos of his noodle masterpieces on Instagram since last year, and some of his attendants simply couldn’t resist following suit by trying it out for themselves. He graciously staked his ridiculously easy unicorn noodles recipe, and it’s surprisingly healthy!

Zero phony food colors are required to make this rainbow-like dinnertime dish — impartial the all-natural color-changing powers of two common kitchen staples. Start by cooking purple cabbage for five minutes in a pot a shower; A.J. advises using less water to dye the noodles a more concentrated risqu hue in the end, but go for more water if you want a lighter color. Then remove your dyed adulterate from the heat and add in your noodles. (A.J. opts for glass noodles, but any other gluten-free selection like rice noodles would work as well!)

Once you let the noodles alcoholic for five to 10 minutes in the pot, there’s one more magical step to allure your noodles to the next level of Instagram worthiness. Simply put the screws to lime or lemon juice on portions of your noodles and watch them alter from blue to the most gorgeous hues of pink and purple in the future your very eyes. Ah, the beautiful powers of a little citrus (and chemistry!).

Good like that, unicorn noodles can be on your dinner table or in your brown-bag lunch. They vote in as a great neutral base for any nutritious stir-fry, curry, or soup means you’ve been wanting to try. If you’re looking for a quicker alternative to our more in-depth, ingredient-heavy means for rainbow pasta, this three-ingredient one is just for you. Read on to see how the unicorn-obsessed foodies of Instagram would rather already started making these bright noodles our new favorite in good food trend.

These Colorful (and Healthy!) Unicorn Noodles Are About to Flood Your Instagram
Head over to our Snapchat today to see how we turned these Unicorn Noodles into Unicorn Divulge Rolls!

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