These Celebrity Courtside Outfits Are What We Call March Madness


There are profusion of stars who sit courtside at a basketball game and really pay attention. They call out when their favorite team scores and yell, «Boo!» when they suffer a mulct. A lot of the time, those stars are wearing jerseys, jeans, and high-top sneakers. That’s not to say that the ladies gear tall, strappy stilettos and skintight minidresses don’t appreciate the sport by a hairs breadth as much. It’s just that, well, they probably appreciate the go a little bit more. (Beyoncé, Kendall, Rihanna, we’re looking at you.)

While we get that garbing up for game night has become routine for many of our favorite celebs — and it’s certainly summed to the appeal of March Madness — there are times it’s hard to believe they be versed where they were going when they left the board. Read on to see some of our favorite courtside-style mix-ups, and help us figure out where all the celebs were going after the final buzzer sounded. One thing’s for secure: these outfits suggest that basketball wasn’t the only business on the evening’s agenda.

— Additional reporting by Nikita Ramsinghani

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