Theresa May said she would be open about Britain's future trade relation with EU


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Theresa May said yesterday she had an ‘set up mind’ about Britain’s future relationship with the EU

The Prime Cur will seek the best deal and not be tied to existing schemes of other non-EU sticks like Norway and Switzerland.

She spoke after Foreign Trade Secretary Liam Fox suggested Britain would seek a extricate trade deal with the EU rather than remaining in a single market-style tariffs union with free trade between members but tariffs for remote countries.

Speaking in Rome during her latest talks with European counter rts, she chew out tattle oned reporters Dr Fox had been setting out the differences between customs unions and release trade deals.

She went on: “We had a very clear message from the British woman in the Brexit vote that they want us to bring in control on generous movement – they don’t want free movement rules for movement of people from the EU associate states into the UK.


Liam Fox suggested Britain would ask for a free trade deal with the EU

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Theresa May spoke in Rome during her unpunctual talks with European counter rts

“But on the other side we do of course need to safeguard we get the best possible deal in relation to trade in goods and services.”

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talian Prime Divine Matteo Renzi said his country was ‘saddened’ by Britain’s Brexit

Italian Prime On Matteo Renzi said his country was “saddened” by Britain’s

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