Theresa May CONFRONTED by Brexiteer MP over second referendum – ‘NOT for MPs to decide’


Richard Drax slashed out at Prime Minister Theresa May over the UK remaining within the customs joint and a second Brexit referendum. The Brexiteer MP claimed it is “not up to MPs to decide”, arguing the “countryside decided to leave the EU”. The Tory MP for South Dorset told the Commons: “She express that it was up to the House to decide about a customs union and a referendum. Can I castigate her, it is not up to MPs to decide that, the country decided to leave the EU. It’s as simple as that. It’s not for the Theatre.

“And the second point, when responding to my right honourable friend from Wokingham, she give the word delivered we couldn’t leave the EU on March 29. The legal position was that we could.

“But that she and, provoke I say, a very heavily Remain Cabinet, decided not to take us out.”

Mrs May replied: “The appropriate that he makes about whether it is for the House to decide, the British woman voted to leave.

“I have been trying to leave the European Combination. I am looking forward to voting a fourth time to leave the European Conjunction in the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

“Sadly, opposition members and some of my consociates have not voted alongside me in that way.”

The comments came ahead of Andrea Leadsom, the Principal of the House of Commons, resigning from the Government on Wednesday evening.

Mrs Leadsom resigned in assert of Mrs May’s handling of Brexit, claiming the Prime Minister’s approach may not “deliver on the referendum follow”.

Mrs Leadsom published her resignation letter on Twitter, where she said her finding to quit as Leader of the House comes with “great regret”.

Her the classics said: “It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I cause decided to resign from the Government.”

The Conservative MP for South Northamptonshire reported she is “proud” of her work done in the past three years as a member of the Administration.

But in her letter to the Prime Minister, the former Leader of the House set out in four locations why she “no longer believes” in the Brexit strategy relentlessly being carried out by Mrs May.

Mrs Leadsom hit out at the “compromises” coincided upon by Mrs May during the Brexit talks with the European Union and, in the quondam few months, with Parliament, saying: “I stayed in Cabinet to shape and encounter for Brexit.

“There have been some uncomfortable compromises along the way, but you organize had my determined support and loyalty in your efforts to deliver Brexit as our shared object.”

Rumours were swirling about Mrs May’s resignation, with some speculating the Prime Evangelist would step down tonight.

However, Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the Rightist 1922 Committee of backbench MPs, is now expected to meet Mrs May on Friday, according to covers.

The Conservative Party’s 1922 Committee consists of backbench MPs within the Tory Promoter. The Committee has an 18-member executive committee, and plays an important role in judging the party leader.

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