‘There was NO independence referendum’ Rajoy blasts ‘repugnant’ actions in Catalonia


The 62-year-old chief of the conservative People’s Party (PP) declared in a TV address: “Today we have not had a referendum in Catalonia.”

The remarks come after the region in the north east of the country attempted to vote on forking from the rest of the country but was met by both the national police and the Guardia Refined who attempted to disrupt millions of Catalans from going to the polling passenger stations.

Speaking at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid, the Prime Minister declared that «there was no liberty referendum in Catalonia today».

He delivered the live televised address after energy broke out in Catalonia in what the government called an «illegal» referendum.

Mariano RajoyChatter

Spanish Prime Minster Mariano Rajoy

«At this time I can proclaim you, with full clarity, what you all know and what we have known today,’ he said.

«Today, we have not had a referendum for self-determination in Catalonia.

«Today, all the Spaniards obtain seen that our state rule of law keeps its strength and reality, and mark offs those who wish to subvert the state of law, and acts with all the legal resources, vis a vis all justifications, and does it with efficacy and in a serene way.»

He also hit out at those who he said had a “tactics against democracy” and had “trampled over democratic rights” in what he saw as “ unpleasant acts against democrats”.

He thanked the Spanish police for defending the law and thanked the EU for its support.

«We cannot appropriate the progress of the past 40 years to be replaced by blackmail.

«Today we all be subjected to reasons to trust our democracy. This only served to hurt our coexistence. I tender dialogue within the law.»

Mr Rajoy’s comments come after more than 760 people were misuse during clashes between the Guardia Civil and national police and Catalans inadequate to exercise what they saw as their democratic right to decide on self-reliance from Spain.

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